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Express yourself with SeaDek designs

Do you have a unique or unusual design idea?

Here at Contemporary Marine Flooring we want to work with you to develop your custom SeaDek design. We understand that most people will choose a traditional color / texture / design…and that is great. We also know that there are some that will want to use all their creativity and unique personality to stand out.

It is our intention to fully accommodate all of our customers and at least show everyone what is possible with SeaDek so that our customers are happy in the long run, whether they ordered vanilla or Mango Kiwi with almond dusted espresso beans!!

Half of the fun for me is to help create these “out there” designs. So, Send us your design ideas. Send us any exciting and different designs you see. Let us help you customize your boat’s interior and swim platform. It’s what we do best!

In fact, to encourage your creativity….we will give select customers 10% off of their confirmed SeaDek order that we deem cool enough to qualify. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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