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Contemporary Marine Flooring is the ‘sister’ company of Contemporary Fiberglass, where we have been designing, building, shipping, and installing swim platforms for years.  We also have extensive experience in full service boat repairs and maintenance.

Contemporary Marine Flooring is the Northwest certified fabricator for SeaDek marine flooring.  We create Marine Flooring Systems for customers in the Pacific Northwest using the non-skid closed cell EVA product SeaDek. SeaDek offers a safe and comfortable alternatives to molded in non-skid, paint-on textures and other marine traction products currently available.  Made from UV protected non-absorbent foam, SeaDek features an innovative, textured micro-dot surface for enhanced non-slip characteristics.

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SeaDek Marine Products is a leading manufacturer of a range of EVA non-skid products for marine and sports use. A viable alternative to carpet and molded-in nonskid products, SeaDek’s line of products are targeted for OEM boat builders, resellers and end-users.  The company was originally formed to produce cutting-edge surf products and nonskid traction pads, including X-Trak® surf traction and K-Grip®, a line of pads designed for world champion surfer Kelly Slater.  The company later expanded its product offerings to the boating industry thanks to its innovation with marine-grade EVA materials.

SeaDek can be tailored to fit a wide variety of application on just about any type of boat, including: sports & commercial fishing boats, flats boats, sailboats, ski boats, commercial marine craft, house boats, personal water craft, towboats and more.  If you have a boat, you have a place for SeaDek.

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