Our Story – Nice Matters

When Jeanne and I first got married, she moved into my house.    She immediately hung a small ceramic plaque that simply stated-  “Nice Matters”.  At first, I didn’t think much of it…just another one of those overused and abused signs that you see in tourist shops.

Then one day  it hit me that it is a very powerful message…for being so simple.    I came to conclusion that if you had only one message to live by, this would be the one that fit Jeanne like a glove.   She truly is the nicest person I’ve ever met.   Not just nice when it might benefit her, she is always nice…..because nice matters.   I can tell you that I believe if everybody in the world was as nice as Jeanne, we would live in a better world.

So, I decided that I would take the time to draw and cut a “Nice Matters” SeaDek sign into every single one of our kits that we sell.   We also give them away at our Golf Teaches Integrity events that we host every summer.   We tell everybody that receives one that they can do anything they want with the sign, that we just believe that it a very powerful message in today’s world.   We really don’t want to push our beliefs onto anybody else….    Well, OK, in this case we do!  Nice really does matter.

Contemporary Marine Flooring - Nice Matters

Contemporary Marine Flooring is the Northwest certified fabricator for SeaDek marine flooring.  We create Marine Flooring Systems for customers in the Pacific Northwest using the non-skid closed cell EVA product SeaDek. SeaDek offers a safe and comfortable alternatives to molded in non-skid, paint-on textures and other marine traction products currently available.  Made from UV protected non-absorbent foam, SeaDek features an innovative, textured micro-dot surface for enhanced non-slip characteristics.

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