United States Air Force Combat Dive


Who does the Air Force Combat Dive Unit come to when they want to replace their ugly, non-functioning and uncomfortable flooring in their training fleet?

Contemporary Marine Flooring of course!

Working through Safe Boats International*, we were tasked with completely outfitting these boats that were located in Panama City FL.

Our team nailed it and the result was a home run.    We even surprised the units with laser versions of their Combat Dive logo.


Stay Tuned For More Exciting Projects

We are currently in the process of outfitting another Safe Boat that was purchased by SHOXS, a Canadian company that provides the shock mitigating seats for Safe Boats vessels.

This boat will be used for marketing purposes and be going on a boat show tour around the country.




*SAFE Boats International (SAFE) is an American-owned aluminum boat manufacturer and leading supplier to military, federal, state and local law enforcement, fire and rescue agencies throughout North America and around the world.  SAFE,  prides themselves on designing and building highly reliable and extremely durable vessels that enable professional crews to excel at their jobs while keeping them safe.