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Below: 20 sheet job at the Resort Boardwalk Marina on Lake Coeur d’Alene. It is a complete package…..ESP, cockpit, stairs, bridge, walkthroughs and forward decks.
Less than 2 weeks from confirmed order to install!!! #nicematters


What do you do when you live in the Pacific Northwest and want to improve an already sick MC 25? You do it up in SeaHawk colors, get rid of the #notgenuineseadek and the #carpet stinks, and add #genuineseadek that accentuates the theme, colors and badassness! Awesome job by the Contemporary Marine Flooring team as this kit just laid down so sweet. Below are some before and after pictures:


photo-page3        photo-page2    photo-page4

Moomba with Teak over Black Seadek and added lights.

photo-page6  photo-page5

2007 StingRay during and after SeaDek application (Mica over black brushed).

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