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How does the whole process work?

Here are the steps:

  • Quote. Pricing is based on square footage, material chosen (see basic options), design chosen, and package/shipping.  Once approved, a deposit is collected. The templating and install fees are separate from material and extras like logos/graphics. Templating and/or installing can be done by the customer, a certified installer, or CMF.
  • Design. Customer and CMF coordinate to come up with a viable package which includes color(s), texture, logos/graphics, style, and layout. (see basic options)
  • Templating. Customer sends in a template of area(s) to be covered or, CMF installer goes to the boat to template, or the boat is brought to CMF.
  • Digitizing. The template is digitized to convert the template to a vector format and smooth out the drawing.
  • CAD Process. This file is then converted to a final drawing in CAD. This further smooths out the lines and adjusts for exact sizing. Here, logos/graphics are added as well as outlines, faux teak lines, etc.
  • Approval. At this point, the customer gets to see a dimensioned rendering of the final design layout. Once approved, the pads are cut on a CNC machine. Dry fit kits are available for further assurance of proper fit.
  • Final Payment. Prior to packaging/shipping (or installing, if local), the final payment is collected.
  • Delivery. Once payment is received, the pads are either installed locally, shipped for installation by certified installer, or shipped to the end customer for install.

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